Our recent Forestry & Farming INFO-Action  ‘Forest -Farming -Climate & The Future Conference’ on the 21st of October 2019 received a lot of positive feedback and attention regarding the activities of the Co-op.

Check out our Chairman, Mr. Tim McCarthy Featured on November / December 2019 Teagasc Magazine

Welcome to the Forestry Owners Co-operative knowledge based community, working towards a prosperous, inclusive resilient forest industry. We catalyse the rapid changing needs of a rural farming community across sectors by working with all those interested in forestry and general farming.

  • Advises you all the way from soil testing to planting to managing your plantation.
  • Our Information network provides a comprehensive service on planning application assistance, help and assistance with premium and road grants, financial advice and much more.
  • Partner with the co-op, be your own boss availing of professional shared assistance, take out membership, apply for license/grant/jobs/course or take part in a start-up project.
  • Get help from the co-op translating forestry ideas into climate positive businesses.
  • Be part of an effective and influential network of people working to address forestry and climate change in an inclusive manner at National Government Level.
  • Partnership is the power of the co-operative, you are part of that effective and influential network of people working to address and develop forestry in a sustainable way to the advantage of everyone towards the economic, social, health and wellness good of your farm and the wider community.
  • The Co-operative is yours; you are the manager of your own plantation with professional input, your co-op ,contribution is central to the growth of good forestry practice at Local, National and European level.
  • FOCS has links with UCC, UCD ,UCG , Teagasc, ERI, (environmental research unit).The Forestry Service, ’COFORD, FII, plus many others such as contractors, The Mills, like-minded associates throughout Ireland and Europe.
  • In the age of Climate Change, we can see the bigger picture and are working closely with two different Government departments on a project related to Climate-Carbon Capture.
  • FOCS. Is a Co-operative with vision.
  • FOCS. Specialise on providing a comprehensive information service and are leading partners in the  Ag- Climatise Action plan.
  • FOCS. Stand for Sustainable Forestry Management, Biodiversity, Knowledge Transfer, Climate and economic viability of the industry.

FOCS. Services includes:

  • Forest Planting management and training.
  • Advice and assistance with Grants and Premiums. Plantation Services, Thinning, Road Grants, Felling Licence, Harvesting, Sales and Haulage.
  • Insurance.
  • Plantation Consultancy in all aspects of Forestry. Assessment, Management Plan, Plantation maintained with regular reports to the folio holder. 

Find us on Twitter: @owners.CO

Our friendly,experienced team can be contacted directly with any queries you have :

Dr. Kathryn O’ Donoghue – CEO  — 086 343 5164 (West Cork)
Tim McCarthy   –  Chairman — 087 678 0149 (North Cork)
Abraham Kingston – Treasurer  – 086 155 6565 (West Cork)
Alan Jones – – 087 621 8085 (Kerry)
Michael Greaney  – 085 141 7273(East Cork)

On behalf of the Forest Owners Co-Operative society we wish to thank you for your patience, we’ll be updating our website shortly with new content.