In 2006 Teagasc initiated a series of meetings and field days with the purpose of setting up forest owner producer groups. Out of this the West Cork Forestry Group was formed.

In 2013 the group decided to register as a co-operative,  employ a forester and forest service provider and became the Forest Owners Co-Operative Society (F.O.C.S.) We  have members in all counties of Munster and are fully operational, providing all services from planting to harvesting.

The Society is currently involved with the Forest Service in a Pilot Scheme for Certification of Timber.  Members involved in the project will be certified at the completion of this scheme.


Members can benefit from major economies of scale forwarderby synchronizing harvesting operations, cutting costs of  contractors, transport etc. and the ability to negotiate with timber buyers from a position of strength rather than taking what the market is willing to pay as an individual.






  • F.O.C.S. offers a full range of forestry services from planting to harvesting including management plans, road grants, felling licences and supervisionty of harvesting operations. The society is working towards implementing group certification for its members.
  • Members can share experiences and knowledge of forest operations, grants, contractors etc.
  • We provide an effective interface between forest owners and industry. The industry can develop with the knowledge of what timber is available into the future.


We Invite all Forest Owners to Join Us! 

Contact Dr. Kathryn O’Donoghue (CEO)
Old Post Office, Aughadown, Skibbereen, Co. Cork
M:086 343 5164
T:028 38933 (Office)



You may also contact us via our online form. 

Membership of F.O.C.S. costs €250.00 and all members purchase €50.00 of shares if desired. (Membership currently under review.)

To download application forms please click on the links below.

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