Forestry Knowledge Transfer Group (KTG) Scheme

The Forest Owners Cooperative Society are now inviting forest owners interested in participating in the Forestry Knowledge Transfer Scheme to submit their application.

The aim of the KTG scheme is to increase the level of forest management activity amongst participating forest owners while increasing awareness amongst participants of the value of their forest and best management practices.

There will be a total of 7 meetings and events held locally and the cost of attending will be reimbursed (€70 per meeting/event). Follow link for further information: KTG Programme Information

Please Return Application Form to:

forestownerscoop@gmail.com or

Tim McCarthy, Forest Owners Cooperative Society, Carriganima, Macroom, Co. Cork


The Forest Owners Co-operative Society (F.O.C.S)

F.O.C.S. is a timber producer group based in Munster, Ireland.

F.O.C.S. offers a full range of forestry services from planting to harvesting.

F.O.C.S. is fully owned and managed by its members and aims to maximise the financial returns to them.

F.O.C.S. Welcomes new members.

Tim McCarthy – Chairman – 087 678 0149 (North Cork)
Abraham Kingston – Treasurer – 086 155 6565 (West Cork)                           Alan Jones -087 621 8085 (Kerry)
Michael Greaney – 085 141 7273(East Cork)