Our recent Forestry & Farming INFO-Action  ‘Forest -Farming -Climate & The Future Conference on the 21st of October received a lot of positive feedback and there were some amazing talks and exhibitions on the day. There certainly was a lot for everyone. We’d like to extend our sincere gratitude to all those who spoke and exhibited on the day. We’ll be organizing similar INFO seminars in the future, please do contact us with any queries you have. Apologies for the website , we will be upgrading it shortly. 

Why Join F.O.C.S.?

F.O.C.S. is run by Forest Owners for Forest Owners, based in Munster, Ireland.

F.O.C.S. has a very Strong Emphasis on Knowledge Sharing and Continual Learning .

F.O.C.S. offers a full range of sustainable forestry services from planting to harvesting.

F.O.C.S. has Group Power for Liaising with Government Departments for any issues you have.

F.O.C.S. has power to Influence Policy, The Industry, Market Price terms and conditions.

F.O.C.S. is a Shared Industry of Best Practice and Experience.

F.O.C.S. Welcomes new members.

On behalf of the Forest Owners Co-Operative society we wish to thank you for your patience, we will be updating our website shortly with new content.

Dr. Kathryn O’ Donoghue – CEO – 086 343 5164 (West Cork)
Tim McCarthy – Chairman – 087 678 0149 (North Cork)
Abraham Kingston – Treasurer – 086 155 6565 (West Cork)
Alan Jones -087 621 8085 (Kerry)
Michael Greaney – 085 141 7273(East Cork)